The Hepburn Mk II is a DAB Radio and Bluetooth speaker that has a vintage looks and modern functionality with British design and engineering. You can play the standard radio, charge your phone, connect your phone. This unit became the focal point of visitors, they observed the vintage look and complimented, as this would not be out of place in the 80s. 90s, 2000s or today. Anecdotally the young generation liked the vintage look and feel. As a rule, the younger generation lean towards internet and mobile radio with the older generation staying with if it any broke why change regarding the Analogue radio.


In the box
⦁ Power Adapter with plugs for UK and mainland Europe – User Manual
General Specification:
⦁ DC power supply: 5V/2A
⦁ Battery life: 76hrs Standby
⦁ LCD Screen
⦁ Warranty: 3 Years, this is great to see a 3-year warranty with this product.
⦁ Tuner DAB reception: (BAND III 5A-13F), DAB+ reception: (BAND III 5A-13F)
⦁ FM reception: (87.5MHz-108MHz): No AM reception, No. of presets: 10 FM / 10 DAB+
⦁ Connectivity Bluetooth compatible, 3.5mm Aux-in: Yes, USB Port, Headphone socket:
⦁ Product Information width (mm): 314 height: 166, depth: 94, weight (kg): 1.5

Colours available




You can setup up your Android / iPhone etc. via Bluetooth to connect to the Hepburn Mk II. The set-up connection is easy and straightforward. You can then change tracks and adjust volume, play what’s on your phone via the Radio. If using Spotify / equivalent on your phone, this can be played on the Hepburn Mk II but the artist or track does not come up on the radio display. Sound quality is good and works with in the Bluetooth range of 10 meters. This functionally is great to use when you want to play your own track list around the house.


This is a useful feature if the Radio is placed in the Kitchen, Count Down Timer (Cooking Timer) The timer can be set at one minute intervals up to 99 minutes in the future. There is a Dual Alarm which can be set for active day: Daily, Once, Weekends or Weekdays with the Alarm source: DAB, FM or buzzer

The free app “viewquest” has Installs of 1,000 – 5,000 with a rating of 2.9 out of 5, with 27 comments. This can turn your smartphone or tablet into a remote control for your Hepburn Mk II. The Quest App allows you to switch sources between Bluetooth, Dab/DAB+, FM and Auxiliary, DAB/DAB+, FM: adjust volume, channels and presents, display RadioVIS information etc. This is quite nice allowing channel changes etc. without leaving your chair.

This is the only annoying part of the radio, this does not come with a Rechargeable Battery Pack (optional) as not required unless out and about. When you are setting up the radio initially, you set up the functionality, time, preset radio stations etc. If you unplug the radio to move from room to room, these setting are lost.
You can get a Rechargeable VQ Battery Pack getting 76hrs life between charges, with around 25 hrs continuous playback which is very good. This can be purchased initially or via £19.99 . If planning on using the radio out and about on the go, this may be worth getting.


If DAB radio is new to you…..
Traditionally radio programmes were broadcast on different frequencies via AM and FM, and the radio had to be tuned into each frequency, as needed. This used up a large amount of spectrum for a relatively small number of stations, limiting listening choice. DAB is a digital radio broadcasting system that through the application of multiplexing and compression combines multiple audio streams onto a relatively narrow band centred on a single broadcast frequency called a DAB ensemble.

Looking at other countries Norway has become the first country in the world to start phasing out the FM radio signal in favour of Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB). In the ROI, a DAB Radio is the only receiver at present that can receive all RTÉ’s transmitted radio content. RTE has a 54% population coverage and is available in Cork and Limerick cities and the greater Dublin area. The UK currently has the world’s largest digital radio network, with over 150 transmitters across the country and 415 DAB services. The UK radio industry is working toward a Digital Radio Switchover whilst the government intends to migrate the clear majority of AM & FM analogue services to digital between 2016 & 2019. Over half of all UK households now have a DAB radio, analogue radio is now declining.


If purchasing this product, check if there is DAB coverage in your area, In the UK coverage has been found to be excellent while on occasions driving with a DAB car radio, this has resulted in some spots where the signal drops and no sound from the radio. I would suggest Purchase from a location, easily to return if no DAB coverage, while all the other functions will work. If in doubt you can check with, UK Hepburn Support on – 0333 1234 601 on coverage / use etc.

This radio has classic visuals of the past with modern technology to give creative sound and functionality. Thumbs up! This can be purchased / viewed at £129.99

By brendanlahert

20 years’ experience in the commercial technical industry. Interested in technology. Certified ITIL v3 Service Management, Project Management Prince 2, Six Sigma.