#THINKWARE Showcasing Its New Cutting-Edge #DashCam Technology at #AAITF2017

World leading dash cam company THINKWARE is pleased to announce its participation for the second year running, at the renowned Automotive Aftermarket Industry and Tuning Trade Fair [AAITF] in Shenzhen, China. The show takes place from 15th – 17th February and with 3,500 automotive companies from around the world exhibiting, it is known as Asia’s No 1 automotive aftermarket trade fair.




THINKWARE will be showcasing its revolutionary connected dash cam, the F800 Air, which received the “2017 Innovation Award” in the car audio/video category from the world-renowned Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Visitors will also be able to test THINKWARE’s new IOT [Internet of Things] technology called ‘THINKWARE CLOUD’ and its extensive night time video recording technology ‘Super Night Vision 2.0.’ Also on show, the HX700 dash cam features a 3.5 full touch LCD, 2 channel Super Clear HD and Time Lapse Photography and can be viewed alongside the QX800 dash cam. Both dash cams will be available in the Chinese and Asian markets.




The Korean company entered the Chinese market last year, with its first branch opening in October servicing its B2B customers and its first ‘Global Premium Store’ opening in Shenzhen where consumers are able to install the THINKWARE dash cams on site. This enables the company to extend its B2C offering and further extend its presence in the Chinese market amongst consumers and the automotive industry alike.




THINKWARE stated: “As many of Asia’s automotive industry experts attend AAITF to gain new insights into developments within the industry, THINKWARE believe this trade fair is a great opportunity for THINKWARE to expand awareness of its brand and product technology. Through this trade fair, THINKWARE will showcase its product as well as promoting its brand within the Chinese automotive industry.”

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