Review – The Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition.. #Jabra #Fitness #Sports

We have two pairs on new headphones from the great guys over at Jabra. Myself will be reviewing the Pulse and our new blogger Brendan has shared his review on the Sports Pulse. Both packages are really well presented and look really well and we look forward to testing these out in the coming days,Stay tuned for our thoughts..




In the meantime you can check out the Sport Pulse and Sport Coach over at Jabra.






Overall these have been quite good,for me they look well a work well and coming in a superbly presented package it ads to it. If you have not noticed Jabra and complyfoam have collaborated and these buds come with both packages and we tested these out some time ago and for those who dislike buds due to them constantly falling out will complyfoam tips will soon fix that but as a whole Jabra have fixed this issue too and with the bundled wing tips you cant go wrong and over the last year I have grown to like in-ears but over ears are still my preferred choice but outdoors I use the range of Jabra that I have…  See what we think of the complyfoam tips here   





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