Review – Sengled Everbright LED Light Bulb with Built-In Rechargeable Backup Battery.

This is a first for me and wont be the last but just how do you review a bulb? Well its no ordinary bulb to begin with its kinda smart but not that smart which means there is no connectivity with anything else such as an app like other bulbs from the company have to offer which we will speak about another day and they are interesting..

This bulb is basically a back up should you happen to experience a power outage which thankfully are not common these days but they do catch you by surprise and then you are left to search for candles buried in presses all over the house,thankfully our smartphones today sport a torch and can assist you in this endeavour but this is one way of draining your smartphones battery life.



The bulb however is rather on the large side in comparison to those incandescent ones we typically are use to seeing..This bulb comes with a twist in fitting otherwise known as the E27 base but you can also obtain the converter to make it work on the B22 base so we had both options to try out and all worked perfectly fine…

This bulb is bright lets make no mistake here its got a brightness of 300 lumen which is similar to a 40 watt bulb. Sengled state that you should expect around 25,000 hours of light from this model and it just uses 9 watts of energy which seems good considered how bright it actually is.

Check out the video below and see sengled.com for their range of products this particular model will cost you around £18 which is not bad.. Any questions fire away you know where to find us.







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