The provision of high-speed Internet is a must for any business, but that does not automatically mean it should pay big bucks for the highest bandwidth packages on the market when more conservative packages would suffice. To determine how much bandwidth a business should be paying for, it needs to conduct a full investigation into its Internet usage, including the browsing activity of users on the company’s network and the flow of that activity. It’s also important to account for the number of users on the network and the maximum downtime that the business could afford without productivity and profitability being affected.




This infographic that Irish Telecom (  have sent us over covers the most important aspects that a business needs to consider when determining its bandwidth requirements. Some companies would make do with lightweight packages if all they need is to be able to surf the Internet and operate an email account. Others would need high-bandwidth packages if their routine online activity includes a high level of web-based application usage and caters for 20 or more users, many of whom will connect multiple devices to the network.
The first step to reducing bandwidth usage is to crack down on non-business use. Most of us have probably been guilty of frittering away office hours on social media in the hope that we won’t get caught, but even if your boss doesn’t spot it, the evidence will be there in the bandwidth consumption figures. As for streaming websites such as Netflix? Of course it shouldn’t be used during working hours, but there’s definitely some who try to get away with it, and in the process feast on their employers’ bandwidth usage. The best thing the employer can do is to block it outright and conserve bandwidth for more economical functions which are actually relevant to company activity.
Take a look at the infographic below for a guide on finding the ideal office bandwidth balance.




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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