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4G+ Now rolling out on Meteor Mobile. #data #mobile #4G #LTE

Over the weekend I noticed a little change to the indicator on the top of some of my phones. Some time ago I was on the 3 network and its when I seen it last. I have since moved to Meteor Mobile, The 4G+ was showing on my devices which was a new one on me… Good to see nonetheless.. So i went on a little ramble around to see how consistent it was and it seemed pretty consistent around the greater Dublin area…



Not letting my curiosity getting the better of me I did ask the folks in Meteor about this and here is what they told me…. They also confirmed on Twitter this morning…


Thanks for getting in touch. 4G plus is a new feature which is currently being rolled out on the network, Currently it can only be availed of in certain areas but we are constantly working to improve the network.

Thanks for your feedback.

Have you noticed it yet, As mentioned about its just rolling out tell us if you have it and how you find it in your area.



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