You can now smell body parts in Virtual Reality with #OhRoma #SexTech #VR #CamSoda

Porn is one of the biggest industries in the world and with the launch of VR this is not going to go away anytime soon, In fact its going to be good for the industry. People that know me well know I am a fan of the VR world and have asked have I tried any of the apps yet and the answer is NO.. Perhaps I should see for myself but for me its just like squashing your head up to the TV at home seeing things bigger, I cant think for any reason how it will actually enhance the experience but hey.. You can tell us if you like… Like my timeline does be full of images suggesting sites to try and mostly these are paid visits which I totally disagree with and find it sad to be honest.. But since the explosion of VR  its obviously a win for the porn industry and they are not hanging around on cashing in..

Does this next step take the virtual piss though and who wold buy a canister of the dangly bits?? Thats how it works you buy canisters of a particular cent and they dont come cheap either.. This is where we are at now though so perhaps its time to get use to it..  Also this will come with its very own standalone app… The mask will cost from around €60 and the scents around €6. This is probably going to be the next best thing to a Virtual Doll.




OhRoma is a sensory mask that users attach to their virtual reality headset & synch with their teledildonics accessory. Just as a user sees, hears and feels in their 360-degree virtual surroundings while wearing their headset, with OhRoma they can now smell them too! Invented by the engineers at CamSoda Labs, users can choose from an assortment of sensual scents that are proven to excite, arouse and, ultimately, climax.






Users place the OhRoma mask over their face. The mask will heat up the cartridges and begin to produce various aromas. Users can utilize the app to pick and choose the aroma they want to smell. They can even combine aromas and switch between how heavy or light each scent is.

Well thats the short and curlys about this new piece of tech to enter the world and to be honest you could not deny it was coming… What do you think, Tell us below.

See CamSoda for more

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