We still have more news from CES2017 although there’s no the same amount of smartphones as before, we knew we could find some wearable tech.

When Google announced Android Wear 2.0 we weren’t sure about which company will show out of the ordinary, but Casio made an interesting presentation by giving us the second gen of their previous rugged Smartwatch, enter the WSD-F20 or :

Pro Trek

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As its predecessor, comes with MIL-STD-810G rating, which means that is capable of withstand almost anything you’re willing to do with it.

After all, is specifically made for outdoors adventurers.

The same impressive and interesting Dual-Layer Display makes a comeback with more faces to choose and an additional GPS Sensor (something we miss on the previous generation) that offer low power consumption and Offline and Colored maps to use even if you phone ran out of battery.

It will come with Casio’s apps to track and keep control on your activities, but we a new one call Location and Traveler that became available thanks to the new components.

But there’ll be more apps to expect thanks to Android Wear 2.0 (also compatible with iOS despite some limitations)

There’s only one flaw, and is that is only going to be available on April 21st and we still have no information about pricing, but we can assume it’ll be pretty close to previous offers.

What are your thoughts on the new iteration from Casio? Adding that GPS will make you decide for this model over other options out there?

Let us know in the comment section below or joint the conversation on twitter with more #CES2017 coverage.




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