We have been testing these cans out a good few days now and one thing that stands out here is how comfortable they are.Having tested out many cans over the year and still some here in testing at first i did not like the look of them but that changed after hours of use and I grew to like them…

One thing for me with headphones that is a must is comfort because I tend to wear them quite alot and these surpassed my expectations. Also with ANC built in they really stepped up my initial thoughts as this feature is quite good and as mentioned the comfort on offer here, your ears are completely covered though this may vary per person and the soft leather padding just makes it a snug fit and not clamped onto your ears like the case can be for some headphones..


The Packaging and Presentation

GOOD… You get a touch exterior box with plenty of information on board then you are presented with the package with its own case to house them when not in use. Also inside here we find some extra goodies was welcome packed nicely away in a separate pouch that can be moved anywhere within the case and sticks via Velcro.



Build Quality

At first I thought they looked cheap,especially around the Volume and ANC area. They are solid though with lots of nice movement on board.They however are made mostly from plastic which is not really an issue for me but they are comfortable no matter what..The headband is on the thin side but padded nicely on both sides with leather which made them nice to wear for long periods of time the band itself seems flexible enough too which is important.There is few joints visible throughout though which is fine and the only metal parts per-say is where the arms extend each side but again feels solid and one thing to note there is no visible wires like you often find on such cans..

The Cups can are held separate via an arm each side which allows a 180 degree swivel and this also is how they are stored by twisting them so they remain flat in the package which is quite nice and again the cups have an inward movement which ensures they nestle just nicely on your ears.The cups themselves again are housed in plastic but have a rubberised texture and dont seem to be a fingerprint magnet either and then that soft leather padding on the cups is just about right,They are really comfortable and really light..




The cups clearly marked L and R have functioning keys which are easy to navigate once you get use to wearing them,The left side will sport a 3.5mm socket for a wired connection which is good should you run out of juice, There is an indicator light which shows when you are connected to a device and then all our usual controls to skip/pause and play tracks and integrated mic etc which we would expect to find on wireless headphones today. The control buttons are on the small side but tactile though you will need to get used to where they are due to them being almost flush with the housing..Finally there is a port for Micro USB charging…

The right side hosts some features too.. I do like a balance on my  headphones and not everything cramped to one side. On this side we have a Volume control which was oddly a dial rather than a physical key but I was ok with this and it was a bit nostalgic if you will, Also we the ANC function which is very very good and works brilliantly and there is an indicator light here too to let you know if its on or off but you will know the difference when wearing them,Trust me…



Sound Quality 

Sound quality was rather good all round.. They for me where not the loudest cans I have used or own today but the balance all round seems just about right even for the real thoroughbred audiophile which is something I dont claim to be but owning around 20 sets of headphones alone now I can safely say the sound quality is great, Even when using at full volume there was not much distortion at all but this is down to how loud they can go from my point of view but regardless the sound was good with highs,lows and mids all round and enjoyable and the ANC function is excellent..  There is a lot a thought put into these and its really quite hard to believe how light and comfortable they are to wear and if you are the type to wear such cans for long periods of time these are something to check out ,At no stage did my ears sweat nor did they get annoying,in fact after a few minutes you would forget they are actually there. The only minor gripe I would have is the amount of joints and how long they will last but this would be down to the individual and how rough they are or if you where to swipe them off in a hurry but then again they are not the type that are clamped onto your head and I would expect they can take quite a few knocks too and should serve you a long time..

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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