Skullcandy headphones/earphones is something I remember well from my teenage years and they where popular too but never interested me for some reason, From my memory it was seeing big colours and big plastic packaging and back then it was a brand to be considered. I never though actually had or bought a pair and still looked at them every week,Back then I was a Sennheiser fan and today still sport a few pairs and actually are in mint condition. I did try other brands over time and have a large collection of cans today and I like to option to chop and change for my needs which is nice and again to compare to what is out there now. Recent earphones and headphones such as Jabra, Motorolla and the iT7 X1/X2 are my daily drivers and i like to keep up with the time and this new instalment from Skullcandy is a piece of kit that has literally blown my mind, I am by no means a professional audiophile but I do know good sound and the difference from owning countless pairs or cans and earbuds. These are mind blowing and its not a statement just because they have been sent for me to review they actually surprised me on how good they are and how things have changed from the Skullcandy I remember..I have seemed to skipped a few years..


The packaging..

The packaging is premium not the plastic moulds I remember and presented in a nice box with some information on the back. Inside you are presented with the kit and this included the headphones,instructions and some cables which is all we need and a nice carry bag to keep them safe and sound when not in use or when travelling..When you open the box you will see BASS YOU CAN FEEL” facing you and let me tell you,You can feel it,Bass lovers these are the headphones you need to test out now…..




Build quality 

Build quality is good as a whole, with Plastic cups in Black Matte they are solid only to be topped off with metal and leather elsewhere. The Cups given the colour they are are not super fingerprint magnets but with greasy fingers prints will show,I only found this happen though after I had my paws in a greasy bag of chips, but any other time in my usage I have hardly had to clean them at all and they are not like what you would see on smartphones today for example and require regular cleaning thus having to carry a cloth with you..There is a good level of comfort here too on the cups with a soft leather surrounding the outside and then soft cushioning on the inside which makes way for long periods of use with no discomfort and no sweaty ears.  The headband itself is very comfortable finished off on the outer side with leather and feels quite nice,overall the experience was great and for using for long periods over the last few days which consisted of 30/60/120 and longer sessions I was well impressed. The band does not apply much pressure on the ears but yet its firm and solid blocking out external noise quite well.. Also on the underside of the band which has a soft rubber layer has a groove cut out and this is for VR HMD users so any that have a strap this leaves way again for a smooth felling which is a clever idea.



There is a bit of play all round on the headset with a slight swivel on the extension arm and some play (Inward/Outward) on the cup itself and a sturdy extension too which is not too loose nor tight and remain at the desired setting you set it too,There is though an exposed wire both sides which I would be careful with and some care would be some advice on how you store these and where you drop them in your house and to avoid catching it in anything  but this is the only caveat overall..




Pairing the headphones is a simple process,just like any other item you would pair your device with such as a bluetooth speaker or smartwatch for example you will see the name appear in your list and jsut pair,it takes no time at all..





Controls and ports

The headphones though wireless does allow you to use a wired connection should you run out of juice but with up to 40 hrs of battery life you will not be reaching for that cable as quick as you any think,with a micro USB port and headphone socket all you need is here when it comes to charging and connectivity, You also get audible notifications when connected wirelessly  and there is an LED to show you when you are connected and disconnecting and again audible. The buttons are easy to navigate,even blind with a big enough size though not excessive they are tactile and allow you to adjust volume, and skips tracks and so on and of course power the headset on and off. The magic though is in the slider which lets you control the haptic bass,this is unbelievable and akin to the sub-woofer in your house full blast with the vibration coming through your couch,this is exactly what it feels like on your ears,but do not overdo it some tracks I played over did it and again with high volume killed it all but you can control both and overall worked great and the sound without the haptic bass was perfectly fine too playing all highs and mids with great clarity.




Overall I was quite pleased as a whole with these headphones and to really get the full experience you would need to try them yourself,Some stores in Ireland do have headphones on display and testing purposes but these are far and few between so hopefully when launched here you can go and try them yourself, With a massive battery life and good build quality these are a must have for the BASS lover and the only niggle as mentioned is the cable on both sides coming from the band into the earcups and its not a deal breaker either, I would like to see other colours later on down the road but not bright standout ones,These will cost you just €149.99 which is quite good considered what you get. You can purchase them right HERE.  Check out the video below and if you have any questions fire away..


By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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