This is Bredans second review here on techbuzzireland and there is plenty more to come, This time around  he reviews the Samsung V100T Mifi 4G.

On this US trip to avoid expensive data usage using the Samsung V100T MiFi(4G), My first comment could have been Why do I need broadband in New York as on Holidays?  This comment is like “Everything that can be invented, has been invented.” Charles Duell, Commissioner of the U.S. Patent Office in 1899. Broadband is now a basic way of life from Picking a restaurant, reading the reviews, navigating to the Restaurants, checking on Google what’s in the dish, the Chef a food genius or food criminal, video calling with WhatsApp uploading pictures to Facebook of exotic food, booking a taxi back, Keeping the streak going on snapchat all utilised Broadband.  Broadband abroad was not option rather a necessity.



The MiFi Arrived ready to go (with Tracking Link) & a Prepaid return pack included with real efficiently. My initial observation of the MiFi – Its big! Physically bigger than MiFi I have used before. Product Dimensions 6.7 x 4.4 x 2.4 inches    Item Weight 4.8 ounces. This allowed a larger battery in the MiFi at 3100mAh. This came with the US Charger, detachable USB Charger cable, internal battery and a charging cable attached to the MiFi. Usual packing & instructions on use. This MiFi allowed all the advantage out & about to contact home free.  The data limits can be set up the MiFi on the web portal.  Standard password used.  The Wireless network name and Password is located underneath the back cover.



The cable charger used, Micro USB Charger as used in most android phone. (some newer phones have the newer USB Type-C) As a frequent traveller less cables are required, not different cables for each device which is a bonus for this device. The attached cable on the MiFi is excellent plugging directly into a Laptop but too short to Plug in a wall socket. If you forget your charger, the television in your hotel USB could be used to charge the MiFi. Another great feature of the Samsung V100T MiFi was the display is seeing how many devices were connected to the unit at any time this help to monitor use.





This package came with a 6GB bundle, I have got 4G speed of 3.6Mbps on speed test sites in New York using T mobile. On a recent survey by   they reported T-Mobile as having the best metrics in New York in terms of Download Speed: 4G, / 3G, Latency: 4G, / 3G, Coverage: 4G.  They reported getting speeds in New York on T-Mobile of 16.6Mbp (The max I got was 3.6Mbps in New York) with good coverage in most areas.

Is it expensive?

Using your normal UK Vodafone Pay as you go This is what you’ll pay to use your Phone in USA for data  Data £5 a 25MB then £3 a MB after that, (Remember to Turn off your Roaming data on your phone unless you want to take out a small mortgage, Wi-Fi ok to use)

Wi-Fi in the New York Hotel was $24.96 for 3 days. (I would expect this to vary from Hotel to Hotel) This would have worked but meant only Broadband in the hotel, not out and about.

But in the UK, there is free Wi-Fi in hotels! a recent visit to a Premier Inn in the UK got speeds of 160Kbps with the caveats of Want to stream films, TV shows or download big files? For a connection that’s at least 8x faster, upgrade to our Ultimate Wi-Fi from only £5 for 24 hours (for up to 3 devices).

There is a variety of menus on the MiFi for the experienced user, while a short business stay or pleasure may not use these

Some of the Menus,

Port forwarding

Setting Data limit / Security

What if I have a problem / go over my limit?

You can contact the Cellhire 24/7 hotline for support.

If you exceed the bundle, you get a Text to the MiFi, you are slowed down to e.g. 128Kbps, which you can still get emails etc. (not cut off)

Thanks again to Cellhire mobile solutions for The Samsung V100T MiFi(4G) on a T mobile US bundle. I know they were supplying hundreds of MiFi’s, SIM cards and smartphones to UK media covering the election in the US.

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