Barry Walshe is the owner of  along with top-quality mobile parts and accessories, they provide an outstanding customer support. It has been Barry’s passion to make sure that customers get the best accessories and parts for their Smartphones and iPhones. Today he talks to us about One Plus devices and how they can be kept in top shape.

Whether you have the One Plus One or One Plus 3 smartphone, you are probably wary of any kind of scratch or damage that it might get, not with standing its relatively cheap price. One downside of these phones is that they are metallic and have a unibody, meaning they are more likely to slip from your grasp. Of course, for any smartphone owner, this would definitely be nothing short of disastrous (screens that become cracked and bodies that end up getting scratched are but the most common scenarios). It’s for this reason why we have taken the liberty to

Protective Cases

Without a doubt, if you’re a consumer who bought a One Plus One phone, your basic instinct is to buy the accessory directly from the maker, right? After all, who would know what’s best for these smartphones better than them? What’s good is that we can vouch for One Plus One official protective cases. They offer a variety of colors, a flexible shell, and it’s sturdy and thick enough to prevent scratches and damages from minor falls.

There are variations of protective cases that you should consider as well One of these is a TPU case, which is best for users who want the natural look of their phone to stand out There are plenty of choices for One Plus 3 smartphones that fit these kinds of cases, and what’s good is that they are often thin, lightweight, and the necessary grip for better handling, besides providing protection, of course.





For people who don’t mind cases that make their One Plus One phones appear thicker or chunkier for added protection, then they should definitely consider ElBolt’s Aegis Case or the Poetic Revolution Case. The former has a look that is similar to tire tracks and is pretty heavy-duty when it comes to protection because of its hard polycarbonate shell and TPU interior; it comes with a bonus screen protector too. The latter has the same increased capability to safeguard your phone, but with completely different aesthetics. These are but some of the excellent protective cases you can get for your One Plus phone.

If you’re a lover of leather, though, then you should definitely give the OnePlus 3 Flip Cover a closer look as well as the Olixar Leather-look Wallet and Stand Case. The latter, besides being made of genuine leather that adds lots of protection from scratches, also covers your phone’s screen entirely; it also has the ability to serve as a stand for you to conveniently prop your phone anywhere you like. The former, on the other hand, leans more towards being stylish (thanks to its exquisite PU leather finish) and practical at the same time, since it can function as a wallet too.

Glass Covers

One Plus One accessories that center on protection are not limited to cases as well For one, if you only want to prevent scratches from being formed on your screen, then you can opt for a tempered glass protector for it instead. The Asmart Tempered Glass Screen Protector is one brand that is worth recommending for it can be seamless added to any One Plus 3 phone and prevents any unsightly bubbles from forming on the screen. This is all thanks to its tempered glass technology. It not only protects but smoothly integrates itself into your phone as well Another brand that’s worth looking into is the APLUS Tempered Glass Screen Protector, which has practically similar perks. A glass cover, with its comparative minimalism, greatly retains the form and design of the phone as well.

Car Mounts

If you’re always on the go and want to ensure that your phone won’t any way be placed in any precarious position inside your vehicle, then you may want to consider getting a car mount for it. Most of these mounts are magnetic, which pretty much ensures that your phone would stay in place as you travel. This makes it perfect for safely using One Plus phones to play music or while you are trying to navigate through traffic or areas you’re unfamiliar with. The TechMatte MagGrip Air Vent Car Mount is one brand that exemplifies all the qualities said above.

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