The HP ELITE X3 gets a price cut. STILL too expensive. #HP #EliteX3

Only 3 weeks ago the HP Elite X3 went on sale in Ireland via the HPshop and was commanding a rather ridiculous €907 price tag which included VAT and shipping..Given the market this is aimed at it will be an uphill struggle to sell this device for anything over €500 now with the current market share as is an a year decline for the last few years its going to be a hard sell end of story… Even given the specs it commands this is Apple territory pricing and the only way to get it is to buy it outright as NO networks sell nor will they which again is smothering any potential…

Now the device is listed at €694 plus VAT and shipping costs and brings the total to €865.98 which saves you a little but for me this is still way to high for a Windows10 powered device in which the market is shedding users whom are moving to either Android or iOS.. Not to be totally against the device it is certainly one nice looking phone with a quality build but the price is a huge caveat for me.




Want to buy it? Apparently they have now 385 in stock.. Apparently!!!   Buy it HERE  

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