Samsung lovers out there ended up with a broken hear after the Note7 fiasco.Some of them swiched to another company, others who remained with the brand and went for a Galazy S7 or S7 EDGE instead.

Well, now that everything has settled down and we all know the Note 7 is not coming back, the company decided this is a time to give a bonus to those loyal costumers letting them have that elusive and attractive Blue Coral color scheme on their phones.


There’s nothing really special about this S7 series besides the color, the same hardware we all know and love.

Great camera, performance, battery… Etc, but what brough you here wasn’t that. It was the chance of having something different than the rest.

Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen soon, The device is going to be launch in Taiwan by November 1st and in Singapore by the 5th.

There’s no news about availability regarding other countries but we can expect that to happen, especially thanks to the great demand that color had with the Note7.

In case you can’t wait for them to realased over our shores and you don’t mind importing, the price will be NT$24,900 ($790) which is, (to be honest) a bit higher considering the only change is a paint job.

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But you tell us, Will you go for this phone just because a new color option? Do you still think the S7 EDGE is the phone to beat this year?

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