Take a Virtual Piss with Pee World VR app. #GoogleCardboard #VirtualReality

Ok…. So we have really good VR apps out there today and then we have not so good ones and then comes along this one.. Called Pee World the VR app lets you take a pee in some places without actually needing to go..  Available on Android right now you just pop in your device into your Google Cardboard Player and look down to pee on things..If you look up you get brought to somewhere else and you simply repeat the process and keep virtually pissing on things to put it bluntly…You can even piss on Donald Trump.




Go Virtually Anywhere with Pee World VR!

The world’s first urination simulation — see into virtual reality reality while also peeing into a toilet. Urinate into amazing places while staying in the safety of your own bathroom.

Go in amazing places like the grand canyon, a political rally, the beach, and outer space.




Look down to pee.

Look up to be teleported to a new exotic location.

What do you think of this app folks do let us know and dont be shy with the comments either…





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