Google’s new Pixel phones turn out to come with IPXX rating #Google #Pixel

Just this week we were showing the new phones for “Android Purist” right after the official unveiling.

But today we learnt something about them that was completely omitted during the presentation and even on the official specs page from Google. Come to think of it there was a few more things left out..

Both the Pixel and Pixel XL come with IP53 (Water and Dust Resistance)


Apparently this was clarifed by Google to Droidpolice,  but we wonder why they skipped it during the presentation.

Although this is good, don’t get to exited about it, IP53 doesn’t mean you can go and start filming underwater shots with your phone. Actually, it is only protected against little rain and some dust ingress.

Which is not bad but I’d be careful anyway to not get near water with these two.

What do you think of this? Will this make you get into the Pixels wagon? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Written by Vicente A. George

Technology enthusiast. 10 years in love of mobile technology; Radio Shows Co-producer, Chef and photographer on my free time, I've spend most of my teen and adult life searching for tech that helped me on my daily activities. TechBuzzIreland American Correspondent, for Spanish and American content and contacts
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