If you are looking for some new headphones these might be worth a shot, The design on these first of all is cool and also the luminous colour makes them stand out too but overall they are not cumbersome,lightweight and not expensive with plenty of features to boot…Ideal for sports fans these are something to consider on your next purchase and you do not need to be a sports fan either due to their stylish looks and the option to leave them on even when not in use plus they sport magnets to subtly keep the buds from dangling should they be not in use..

Check out the image gallery and video below for a close up look at the Motorola Verve Rider+


The presentation is good to start with with a nice box and then how its presented when opened which is neat and easy to get going after you connect it with your preferred device via Bluetooth,there is also a HUBBLE app to go with too… Inside the packaging we get some cable and different sized buds which is nice to see as everyone’s ears are different I think most folk will be catered for here.. For me its always hard to find a right fit with such buds.. You will also get instructions in a nice box but will probably not read them, Most of us dont..


The Build Quality and functions

They are robust and flexible, the band flexes well and has a nice grippy feel to it on the outside and the underside is smooth,then moving onto the ends which traditionally would house buds are imitation mics if you will but they house the mechanics behind the headset.  The left side Just has a call answer button indicated on the outside with a clicky button. The right side has all the action. This features the power on/off – volume – Micro USB port and led indicators and finally a play and pause button which is again indicated ,These will take a few moments to adjust yourself too as with any new set of headphones,Once you are done with that you will become custom where to touch and when…




The pairing process is simple as you would hope to expect here its just like any other pairing process with audible notifications to ensure you know you are connected not only that there is an indicator there too and you will feel the unit vibrate,you cant go wrong here…




Keys and buttons

Keys and buttons all function well with that clicky feel to them so you know you are actually pressing something,unlike some options out there the buttons are flat and blind navigating does not bode well with users,with these once you become custom as I said before you will be happy.


Charging and Bluetooth range 

Charging is quick with Micro USB and reporting battery life is said to be about 12hrs which seems consistent enough so you can charge them overnight and be sure you will get a day out of them without worry, The Bluetooth distance here is something rather different to the norm with what most people are custom to is about 30ft Not the case here these boys can reach about 150ft from its connection source which is quite good and having tried using this in a normal capacity I could walk to the end of my garden and still be connected with no loss of sound or quality,this is good for those who have big back gardens or indeed front and can stay connected to your device without having the need to carry it with you which is excellent in my opinion…

Sound quality.

On calls its excellent crisp and clear, sometimes I experienced a little echo effect, listening to music and watching videos again is great with a nice bass to them which you can of course adjust yourself should you wish,The volume level is also good and loud,some headsets do not have that maximum loudness I like, Probably something I should not be doing but you do get warned on your device if its going max. Overall sound repro was good as a whole.

Overall I was happy with these and cant really complain I even like the loud colour scheme here but then again I did like colours that stood out which reminds me on my Nokia Lumia days, Black was boring where the yellows and greens where the ones that stood out,Just like them they stand out and perform well…


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By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.