This new Irish app is something Coeliacs would like to download which is now available on both Android and iOS and of course its free..

Goodness Grains is a young Irish Company set up in 2013 to bring quality Fresh Gluten Free Products to the Coeliac Consumer in Ireland and increasingly non-coeliacs choosing a Gluten Free Diet.Located in Longford, our bakery is one of very few purpose built gluten free bakeries in the country. This offers Coeliacs complete peace of mind in relation to issues of concern for them, i.e. traceability and cross contamination of GF products. In all, the bakery has over 40 years of gluten free baking expertise.




I am for sure no food expert and a pretty limited palate but I can see how this app would be ideal for Coeliacs due to the lack of information in food outlets and so on.This app aims to give advice on where people with a gluten free diet can eat and comes in several languages and with options to suggest more..

This App has 2 primary functions to hopefully make life a little easier for you – (1) A Coeliac Eating Out Card translated into 12 languages and (2) A non-definitive guide to restaurants throughout Ireland that provide a Gluten Free offering.



The Eating Out Card will ensure that you can visit restaurants when abroad and confidently explain your requirements in the native language. The App includes many European languages as well as Chinese and some faraway places such as Nepalese!

The Restaurant Guide is a simple non-definitive aid to help you locate a restaurant, hotel or café serving a gluten free option in your locality. Particularly helpful if you are travelling throughout the country and also visiting new places in Ireland. As with the language translations, we can also add a new restaurant if you notify us.

The App also contains a Help is Here page which contains useful tips for Coeliacs and those following a gluten free diet. We also have included a short questionnaire which sets out some of the key symptoms of Coeliac Disease.

If you would them to add a new language,email to




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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