What Makes Exceptional Customer Service. #CS #Business #CRM

Do you know how much your bad customer service cost you last year? When you look at the economy as a whole, it’s not an insignificant sum—$83 billion.

Now let’s talk about the flipside of that—good customer service. Commit to it and you can see a noticeable increase in return customers, which in turn can impact your bottom line—up to 95 percent in some cases.

That’s the wow figure of customer service, and it’s worth spending time on. But what is outstanding customer service—how do you define it and how do you refine it. It’s a shared set of emotions and processes that you can implement, company-wide. It’s a set of questions that leads to solutions that customers don’t expect, but nonetheless improve how they feel about your company and your brand.

This graphic explains more about customer service—how to analyse it and how to fix it.



Thanks to Kiersten Bush / salesforce