If something has changed since the inclusion of smartphones in our life, is how important wall outlets have become.

Therefore, the need for power banks is common but sometimes its just harder to find them in local stores. Thinking about it, HP came out the idea of turning the battery into a full backpack.

HP Powerup Backpack

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The idea comes in handy when you paired with a generous capacity. Included is a 22400 mAh power bank that can charge smartphones, tablets and even laptops.

As far as they don’t use USB Type-C, everything should be fine. But the novelties don’t stop there, there’s also a “heat sensor” that will automatically adjust the temperature.

The Power up comes with a wide variety of charging cables but Type-C or any proprietary charging method, albeit with an adapter you should be ready to go. The Laptop charger works for most HP laptops (as you could expect) but also works for those that use 4.5mm or 7.4mm barrel connectors.

The Power bank comes with USB 2.0 and USB 2.4 and 19V outputs to have you covered.

The material seems to be very durable and is said to withstand some rain, but in case the sky in falling over you, there’s a rain cover include in the box.


But lets take a look:

Unfortunately is not yet available, but it will be on September 14th, you pre-order yours via Amazon, but with a price tag of $199.99 is not precisely “cheap”.

You can get one HERE

Let us know what are your though on this? Would you take one for school? Or to play Pokémon GO nonstop? Sound off below or join us on Twitter at @techbuzzinfo and @VicenteA_George.




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