The wait is finally over and the all new Galaxy Note 7 is here along with a new VR headset which I predicted they would do,Nice way to earn some extra revenue I guess but but no hard,it looks the part and so does the new Note 7 especially in the Coral Blue colour which is what I will probably go for since I own the S7 and S7 Edge in Black,But yes the Black does look nice too..

The Galaxy Note7 will be available starting on August 19, and will be offered in Blue Coral, Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium and Black Onyx.



With a design language we are familiar with the Note 7 follows the same design as we have seen before and you would easily confused them at first glance to previous models but this has now got the bigger screen which is  5.7 inches.. Also some things to keep in mind,there is no removable battery which is not surprising and this time round the Note7 sports expandable storage something which has annoyed users with the Note 5 and Note 7 owners now get the option of extra storage which is FREE in Samsungs own cloud 15GBs to be exact and not to be sniffed at… USB-C is now introduced this time too which might be off putting for some users but this is the way we are going so now is as good a time to hop on the bandwagon and take the plunge,given im not a fan of it myself owning two devices with USB-C it looks like I have to get my finger out and get  used to it but on the upside Samsung have left the 3.5mm headphone socket intact which was nice of them leaving us not having to worry about getting third party connectors,however they will provide a connector from USB-C to Micro USB which is quite good..




Pre-orders are open from tomorrow and the device will be available in the States on August 3rd with a hefty pricetag at $850 and for the Europeans the device will see it land a bit later with pre-orders opening on August 16th and then available on September 2nd again expensive priced around £699 so you will need to check with your providers this time round for contract prices. One mistake Samsung did not make was curb the availability like the Note 5 and left Irish folk stuck with the 6 Edge plus which did not go down to well with customers leaving fans to import the device since no carriers had it available so this is welcome news and we yet have to see prices here and if the freebies come on toe with the device like whats been offered in the US and EU



Although the Galaxy Note7 features a large-screen, the unique front-to-back symmetrical dual-edge curve remains balanced and light with the sleek feel users have come to love from the Galaxy series. The Galaxy Note7 is equipped with the advanced camera that was introduced on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. The dual-pixel sensor technology, wide aperture and fast auto focus, work together to create sharp and beautiful photos even in low-light environments. In addition to 64GB of internal memory, the Galaxy Note7 offers expandable storage and microSD support up to 256GB.

The enhanced S Pen is more than just a writing tool – it is the gateway to getting more done efficiently and accurately. Creating and sharing GIF with Smart Select, translating language with Translate and multi-tasking with Glance got much intuitive with S Pen. With the peace of mind that IP68 water resistant provides, the Galaxy Note7 S Pen lets users jot down their thoughts without interruption, even when the screen gets wet.

Coupled with Samsung Knox, an industry-leading security platform, the Galaxy Note7 provides heightened security and privacy, with highly advanced biometric authentication with iris scanning technology.

The Galaxy Note7 features a gorgeous, curved 5.7-inch QHD Super AMOLED screen delivering a bold and immersive picture on a smartphone. It is ready to stream HDR video, enabling a cinema-like experience including brighter colors and a deeper black, which ensure users get the full experience that the filmmaker intended.

Phone +
The Galaxy Note7 is a connection point to Samsung’s ecosystem of devices, software and services. Enjoy the premium virtual reality almost anywhere with the new Gear VR, and create and share 360-degree content on the go with Gear 360. Monitor the users’ fitness activities on Gear Fit2 or Gear IconX and track the workout data through S Health 5.0.

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This was something I could see,a refreshed model of the old headset which is one of the best ones out there for the mass market at an affordable price which now averages around €99 and offers a great deal of immersion when using it. The pricing seems to be the same as the current model but looks much better and perfectly suits the new Note 7 in Black.. Sporting USB-C and Micro USB it will support several devices. The 5,6 and 7 series and offers a better field of view to the previous model..







By Jim O Brien/CEO

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