Step into the driving seat with #RelayCars #VirtualReality app. #Oculus #GearVR

More of these apps really need to be put out there but would it kill car showrooms?? Probably not because we do like to sit in and go for that test drive but VR is another approach to take into account which many companies are doing now and there is no harm in it at all. If you cant afford a supercar though VR will be the alternative route to take until you win the lotto.



However whilst this is not by any means a functional experience or one you can fully interact with there is room for improvement here and an idea as to what we can see later on and would certainly be welcome by users too. I was a little underwhelmed with this app and expected more but its nice nonetheless and gives us an idea of what can be done going forward.


RelayCars™ is your VR Portal to an immersive, non-gaming automotive experience. Explore cars inside and out in the RelayCars™ Virtual Showrooms, take a Virtual Walk-around cars on the beach or in a warehouse, hear engines roar, take a Virtual Test Drive, watch car videos in the RelayCars™ Virtual Cinema and share the experience with your social network.