In a email sent by a reader today as we are not a Vodafone customer you are getting a price hike.. the good news is you can exit contract with no penalty.. Should you want to….but people will complain.


“Dear Customer,
We are writing to inform you of some changes to your Vodafone Home broadband service that will come into effect on 1 August.

Due to increased operational costs your monthly payment for your broadband plan will increase by €35 to €40. In addition, we have updated some of the terms and conditions associated with your broadband plan and these terms will apply from 1 August 2016. These updated terms can be found here.

These changes will come into effect on 1 August 2016 and will be reflected in any bills issued thereafter.

As a result of these changes, you may change or cancel your contract without penalty within 30 days from the date of this letter by dialling 1907.”


Vodafone also have given the following reasons on Twitter  you can follow the conversation there.


Over on the conversation has cropped up too with Vodafone stating

This is correct. We will be communicating directly to affected customers between now and the 2nd of July, to inform them of this change.

This will only affect customers on our legacy Simply Broadband tariffs, who are currently paying below €40 per month.
Whilst mentioning operational costs this is due to OpenEir increasing their price for wholesale broadband.. So in effect it is being passed on to the customer.
The new pricing is as follows….
  • €15 to €40 for Simply Broadband Max
  • €18 to €40 for Simply Broadband Max
  • €30 to €40 for Simply Broadband
  • €30 to €40 for Vodafone Unlimited Broadband
  • €30.89 to €40 for Vodafone Broadband
  • €34.99 to €40 for Simply Broadband
  • €35 to €40 for Simply Broadband
  • €35 to €40 for Vodafone Broadband
  • €36.99 to €40 for Max Value Broadband


Notice of Changes to Pay as you go Top Up Offers and Add ons

As of the 27th July 2016 Data Extra and Extra top up offers that applied for 30 days will apply for 28 days subject to a minimum top up.Also as of the 27th July 2016 talk, text and data add on’s that applied for 30 days will apply for 28 days subject to a minimum top up and include the following:

Talk Unlimited calls €20
Text Unlimited texts €15
Data 3GB of 4G Data €15
Data 500MB Data €5
Calls 30 minutes to Irish mobiles or landlines €5
Text 100 texts to any network €5
International 30 international minutes €5

Notice of change to the below Vodafone home plans

From 26 June 2016, the below plans will no longer be available. After this customers on the below legacy plans will be placed onto the corresponding New Plan. Details of the New Plan price plan can be found here. You will already have received a contract change notification confirming your right to withdraw from your contract until 26 June 2016.

See the full price changes over HERE

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