Freshteam is an app that would be very useful for companies who for example run an outdoor business in field sales or door to door sales reps for example.leaflet distribution or the likes which typically have a Team Leader to monitor and co-ordinate such groups. Yes we have location services on our devices and there is a few apps out there that can do similar but this is more targeted at this particular field.. Not only can you keep an eye on things you can message each other create groups and make group calls share notes,videos and files.. In short you put your team on a map it allows you to co-ordinate,communicate and make life simpler sure thats what we all want right!!


Connect with colleagues with your FreshTeam username. Phone numbers are not necessary.

View where team members are now, down to the address. No time wasted figuring out who is where.

Control who you share your location with and when. FreshTeam is private.

Text and call one-on-one and in groups. Share unlimited photos, videos, voice notes and files.





· Use the map tab to view where your team is located right now.* You only share your location when you want and with whom you want.
· See at a glance from your chats tab when friends are online, on FreshTeam calls, and more
· Know when your messages are sent (one check), delivered to your friend’s phone (two gray checks) and read (two blue checks)

· Create groups to chat and have conference calls with HD sound. No more dial-in numbers and pins.
· The group creator names the group, adds members, and more. The group creator can give other group members these powers by making them administrators.
· New group members see the group’s discussion from before they joined. It’s easy for new group members to catch up.

· Send voice notes when you can’t type. Tap the mic button in a chat.
· Make a phone or video call to any user in one tap. One tap to start or join a conference call. No more worrying about phone numbers and dial-ins.
· Send files, photos, and videos from any other app to FreshTeam users and groups. Just open the file, and tap the open-in icon.

You will find IAPS in the app and you will require compatible handsets in order for this to work this would mean the entire team not just one or two members/Leaders





By Jim O Brien/CEO

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