Cases come in all sizes,builds and design,It is safe to say nothing like this has passed our hands and we have reviewed more than enough cases for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge to date. Welcome Punkcase Metallic to the review section,Is it the biggest and baddest? We think so given the minor caveats though overall we cant complain really..

Lets get one thing straight,this case is big,its bulky and its heavy…..Are you out already??? No lets take a look then….

With a spec sheet to match a high end smartphone when it comes to cases this has lots to offer.

The packaging screens goodness front and back with specs Ballistic Bezels – Impact Turrs and so on with corning gorilla glass to boot and more its got everything including a lanyard strap for those who still use them,Given that you would want a hard neck for this bad boy….


Heavy – Big – Cumbersome  – You need to screw it together.


Ports covers – Rubberised internals – Rubberised outer layer and protection all round and protective glass..

My thoughts

Its big so lets put that aside for now,People say size matters this will add bulk to your device but having said that it will protect it that is a given and big in this case might not all be that bad to be fair,The fact its big might be an issue for some but it is comfortable to hold to be fair very comfortable actually but more so for the folks with big hands..

Installation took about a minute which is not bad,we all have become use to just slapping on a cover in less than a second and thats fine,this requires some work and comes in several sections but the process is easy just requiring the provided allen key and 6 screws its simple,nothing to it..

The buttons actually work well too,I was not expecting them to be perfect but they worked a treat,not stiff and they had good travel,this goes for all of them. On placing the device face or back down you will also find you are fully protected either side,especially the front with the raised bezels and corning glass protector built in..


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The ports is where issues might arise,The headphone socket and Micro USB port are buried deep but there is room cutout inside though some headphone sockets and cable might be an issue,this to be fair even happens with some regular cases and we wont mention names here.. Another thing is the speaker grille which is entirely covered up and as mentioned in the video there may be some sound loss but it worked fine to be honest and not really any distortion noticed so happy out here in that department if you are one to listen to music on your device via the speaker,On testing phone calls etc it was loud enough not to miss…

On using the device it did take a few mins to become custom to the thickness though but as mentioned before it was a comfortable experience,with silicon surrounding the outer casing all the way around and a pad on the back it was like using a small tablet but you get use to it,The screen sensitivity too was not an issue with swiping either direction,up down or just typing it all went smoothly,again I was not expecting it so all in all a good experience with no loss of functionality..

Overall the case was impressive albeit bigger than what we are use too and given the time to set it up its worth it,it was a comfortable experience but it wont be for everyone,small handed folks especially unless you have used big devices before you will however get comfortable quickly….

The price

Its going to set you back €61.88 reduced from €105.72

Features overview

  • Punkcase METALLIC Case Is Made with a Strong Aluminum Alloy Bumper, a Heavy Duty Scratch-Resistant Touch Sensitive Screen Guard, a Non-Slip Grip & Protect Port Openings.
  • The Punkcase METALLIC comes with a TEMPERED Glass Armor 9H 0.33mm thick glass screen protector built in
  • All Buttons, Ports, & Controls Are Easily Accessible With No Distortion of Speaker or Microphone, Touch ID Compatible
  • It Is Dust-Proof, Snow-Proof, Mud-Proof, & Shock-Proof Case
  • This Case Has 6 Different Colour Alloy Bumpers with Clear Backs to Choose From To Help You Personalize Your Case without Hiding Your Phones Beauty


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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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