If something has shown us that not everyone is after a high end phone, is the fact that more and more smartphone manufactures are filling the market with tons of mid-ranger offers, being Samsung and their A series or Apple and the iPhone SE.


The mid range territory is still a battlefield, even more today as LG has just aanounced four new offers on that department to join the recent X series line up.


Following the steps of their previous model, each of these X phones have something unique to find its way to the customer pocket.

The X power

This model aims to those power user that are battery eaters, with 4,100mAh battery and Fast charging (PE+) technology that promises to charge your phone twice as fast.

The X mach

This model got that name after the ultra fast data connection its capable of, with LTE Cat. 9 3CA connectivity your downloads will take no time. Apart fron this, the phone also comes with a QHD screen and a high definition camera.

The X style

The style  is that smartphone for the “fashionistas” with an elegant and extra-slim body.

The X max

About this model we have almost no info besides it sport a “larger display for an enhanced viewing experience” so we can expect a phablet size phone for this model.

“Each X series smartphone pairs perfectly with its user by offering uncompromising quality and one truly outstanding feature that speak the user’s personal preference and lifestyle — all at a great value.” – Juno Cho, president of LG Electronics and the Mobile Communications Company.

As far as today we have just the promo video for the X power, so lets take a look:

So, what do you think about this new wave of mid rangers? Are you going to pick one up? If so, which one will be? Let us knopw in the coment section below or tweet us to join the conversation.



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