Poetic Cases have kindly sent us over some cases to check out and we have some for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Simple yet effective is how I would describe these and they do indeed look well especially from the rear,Packaging is bog standard but we always discard of this once the case is installed so its not really an issue to take note of but we do have to consider this element due to whats available on the market with some companies perhaps overdoing it with packaging but as I said its not a dealbreaker by any means either its more of a presentation factor for me..

The case does offer what the rest do and its protection for your expensive phone and cost effective at that,with all the key areas covered it passes the test even though its rather plain but they have managed to incorporate a nice design on the rear and you can excuse the front because with devices like these sporting dual edge screens it is challenging to go that extra mile keeping all functionality intact too..

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Overall thoughts 

Nice and simple yet protects your device,not bulky,Adds better grip and looks well from behind with a nice design on the back. Packaging is below par but not a concern..

See more over at poeticcases.com

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