Get home safely with #Sentinelle for Windows Mobile. #WindowsMobile

Safety is important and after a night out or being in a location you are unfamiliar with you might need some assistance on how to get home and with this app you can have some extra help at hand,this is like an app we featured last year only this time for Windows Phone users.The app we spoke about last time round was Companion app 

Sentinelle offers a similar array of features in the app to aide ones journey back to their home or wherever they maybe travelling to..

Sentinelle lets you ask your friends to walk you home safely. They will be able to watch your position in real time and get warned if something wrong is happening. If you’re being late, if there is a swerve from your journey or if you’re running low battery, your friends will be notified within a second. They will be asked to contact you to make sure everything is fine

How does it work?

As soon as you add a friend to your journey, he receives a text message containing instructions to be able to track your position and to get notified instantly. Your friend does not even need any mobile application.


Instantly reports your position in real time to your friends. – Automatically send notifications to your friends (you’re being late, you’re running low battery or there is a swerve from your route). – Send messages. – Track route data (battery state, network state, speed). – Save your previous journeys into history.

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