Next in our Jabra range up for testing is the Jabra Sport pace wireless headset,These are the ideal headsets to have for jogging or training and much more secure than the typical in-ear offering we are more custom too although there is plenty now coming on stream and have done so over the last few months. These also lightweight and rather comfortable to wear and do not get tangled as standard earphones would,nor do you need to worry about your headphone jack leave your device due to the wireless experience as opposed to plugging earphones into a mobile or iPod..

First check out the image gallery of the product below then head to the unboxing after.

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The Jabra Sports Pace come in Three colours which are Red,Blue and Yellow and weight just 22 grammes,they also charge quite quickly too and are sweat and weather resistant with an IP54 rating and also shockproof,Quick charging here will give you 60 mins life with just a 15 minute charge,Talk time is roughly 5 hours and has a standby time of 5 days.. For more product info and purchase see Jabra UK 

My thoughts.

These to begin with these are not my typical choice of listening tool but over two weeks of use I came to like them and thats down to their weight and design,after a few minutes you forget they are there in fact,As far as sound goes they do the job better than some I have tried out in stores where the option to try earphones are available such as PC World for example. They are robust too which is good and can take a knock,if you drop them there is nothing to worry about,Im the kind of person that likes overheads and them being bulky and depending on the make dropping them can inflict damage with these you wont.

Pairing up to other devices is a simple task and you get a nice audible alert as you do with most of Jabra products (from what I have tried) This is something I like even though it may seem nothing to some,the Jabra sport life app however took some time to pair up with my phone for some reason but when I got it going it worked fine,you can select your activity on the app be it running.cycling or walking and then select time goals calorie burn goals or create interval training. Selecting music to listen to is plentiful you can choose from anything installed on your device and off you go it is good to see that third party app integration is present here.The sports button which is built in is also neat  which begins when you activate it and it gives you a countdown to begin,the app tracks everything from GPS co-ordinates and distance and seemed to be accurate enough on my usage,Voice coaching is excellent too, The Multifunction button is handy to use although for me the buttons where too small and I found them a problem to begin with but I got shovel hands so this is not something to take in too much.

Battery life was fine but you would not get a full day,this would vary by person to be fair and it does have quick charge so that can be forgiven,professional athletes for example would need to charge daily whereas the average gym goers or joggers would be fine for a few hours. The only gripes I had was volume level,Personally I like it loud,very loud but they done the job only indoors I did see the real effect of how good the sound was,using outdoors was different and the experience was doused due to street noise etc. The distance on the cable between each side could have been a tad longer but then again I have a 19.5 inch neck so on this its down to the person more so than the product.

For the price they are good,solid,fit like a charm and look good,easy to use,set up and maintain..For this style of buds I am not custom to they impressed me which is a good thing coming from me and I wear them quite a bit now due to the fact you forge they are there after a few minutes.

Check them out at Jabra UK 

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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