A new App that will allow you control your entire smarthome. #Apps #Tech #Smarthome #Yonomi

Our homes slowly are getting tech slowly everywhere from the likes of Nest,Kettles,Fridges,Door locks and even bulbs and soon all this will talk to each other,we have all heard of IoT which is the internet of things,this app cuts the needs for hubs and acts as a central unit and all in one place. Yonomi was founded in 2013 and recently have just launched this app which is a cloud and mobile only platform.This app can control your connected house whilst your away,save you money and more,it is a simple system to manage the things most of us will hate not requiring a need for multiple hubs and it just runs in the background on your smartphone..

Connect all of your favourite connected home devices and wearables like Sonos speakers, Philips Hue lights, Nest® products, and Jawbone UP with the free Yonomi app and without an additional hub. Quickly set up automated and triggered “routines” so your devices respond to each other to make your home more comfortable and your life easier.



A full list of supported devices below with more to follow..