This is a pretty cool idea although for some it could be a bit morbid but however its a good idea,Whenever we hop on-board a plane on our holidays we always get the drill from the cabin crew but how many of us actually pay attention to them?? This app is akin to that but you can learn from home from the comfort of your device be it a mobile phone or tablet,Within the app you can be asked questions on what to do when something goes wrong and then you can act out certain incidents that can happen. On starting up the challenge you will have to go through a tutorial on navigation with your device to get comfortable with the tasks ahead.

The object of the game in short is to brush up on knowledge should such an incident arise and it is a great idea which may spawn more similar apps. Incidents which feature on the app are Boarding the plane,Runway Overrun,Water Landing,Ground collision and crash landing..


This 3D game has been developed in the context of an international, aviation safety research project (, aimed at exploring possible new approaches to safety education.

The game reproduces the experience of real-world aircraft emergencies from the passenger’s viewpoint, with the highest fidelity allowed by today’s mobile devices. In each virtual emergency experience, the player can try first-hand right and wrong actions that a passenger can take, and see the positive or negative consequences those actions have.

Your goal is to take all the right decisions to come out from the plane unharmed as fast as possible.

The game also offers the option of publishing your best evacuation results on world leaderboards.

The different levels of “Prepare for Impact” depict major types of emergencies, such as in-flight decompression, ground collision, runway overrun, water landing, and crash landing. Moreover, they are able to simulate the different threats that can make aircraft evacuation more complex, such as fire, smoke in the cabin, water, unusable exits, and others.



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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