Snapchat has become uber popular with people to chat off late and has become the talk of the town giving tough time to competitors. Recently Snapchat acquired an app that is specialized in selfie animations called Looksery. Now, Facebook has taken up the challenge dominated by Snapchat by acquiring a similar app that goes by the name of MSQRD to bring similar features to its messaging service as well.


When Snapchat acquired Looksery, the app disappeared from app stores and instead showed up within the Snapchat app as a feature called Lenses. Now, Facebook has apparently acquired Masquerade which is often stylized as MSQRD. The startup also specialized in filters and lenses of sorts for selfies but instead focuses more on video rather than still images.

After the takeover, the key members of the startup which was originally based in Belarus will start working out of Facebook’s London office.

In the past, Facebook had tried to acquire Snapchat for a sum of US$ 3 Billion and when that deal fell through, they brought out similar features on their messaging platform. So this acquisition too should be a move to bring their messaging service to the same level or take it one step higher. Not sure just how and when Facebook is planning to implement this into their own products but, this giant is on the quest of getting everything under one umbrella.

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