Most of us like to live and eat healthy but when it comes to food perhaps lots of us are not so cautious as to what we eat or know exactly what we are eating.. GMOs is the subject of this app which defines what foods contain genetically modified organisms.The fact that foods contains GMOs would not be an issue for some people and a big issue for others..This app is here to help the latter..Genetically modified foods tend to be cheaper but there is a catch here.This app is the first of its kind in the UK but we ourselves here in Ireland can use it for reference too having looked at some of the product on it which amounts to over 10,000 products in total.The app was developed boy John Board and James Hodgkiss

Shop GMO- Free explain this term GMO for those who might not be aware.

Genetically modified foods are produced from organisms that have had specific changes introduced into their DNA, using methods of genetic engineering.
These techniques have allowed for the introduction of new biological traits in the food, as well as a far greater influence over a food’s genetic structure than was previously the case by traditional selective breeding.


The basic app is free and includes these features:

Unlimited searches – Unrestricted searching of our product database (over 10,000 products) to instantly find which products are GM-free and which are not.
Tell the manufacturer – Conveniently let the food manufacturer know what you think about the GM status of their products. You’re just a tap away from contacting them by telephone, email or via their own contact page.
Tell the world – Share with the world the GM status of any product. Via facebook, twitter, google+, SMS or email, you can conveniently show friends about which products to stay away from and which are safe.
Tell us – Get in touch with us via the app with any product data queries/requests, technical issues or new feature requests.
Shopping list – Compile a shopping list of your favourite products. (One shopping list, limited to 15 products.)
Why GMO-Free? – General information on the dangers of consuming GM.

There is also a paid version of the app which allows some more listed below..

Automatic notifications – Receive a push notification when we discover the GM status of any product on your shopping list has changed.
SmartSearch – If a product you’re interested in isn’t GM-free, just tap the SmartSearch button to find GM-free alternatives.
Unlimited shopping lists – You can create multiple shopping lists, each with an unlimited number of items.
Prioritised product data requests – If you want us to find product information for you, we will prioritise your request.
No advertisements – Of course!




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