Irish Man Dave Connolly who is based in East Galway has created a new app that was designed to pass a few minutes when you are at a loose end or perhaps sitting in a que or waiting on a bus for example..Dave whom is a programmer by trade decided to create the app and its also his hobby and runs a one man show called  

Dave tells us a little more about himself and the app.

Adrypht was designed to be ten minutes of distraction. The kind of game you pick up, play for a while and then put down again. The idea of drifting through space was supposed to be relaxing for the players.
I work on the menounco projects in my spare time, which I don’t have a lot of (work, kids, etc.), so updates can be quite slow. Work has already begun on Adrypht 2 and I have a number of other new apps planned, but there is no release schedule. They’ll be done when they’re done. If/when I get more spare time, menounco also has a few non-game projects planned for mobile and desktop.
Dave also tells us that the ISS Pinecone featured in Adrypht is the “Irish Space Ship Pinecone”, and was named by his 4-year-old daughter.
The idea of the game is simple and straight forward with as simple menu structure and there is some nice music with the gameplay itself too,Your task in the game is to guide the ship home using gravitational pull of the Asteroids by tapping the screen,,Sounds simple?? Check it out below right now for free. Dave also tells us that the plan is for all menounco apps to be free, ad-free and without in-app purchases which will be more than welcome for users.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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