Dumphones or Feature phones are as popular as ever it seems and are a great revenue stream for Manufacturers even today,as we are immersed in having the best phones out there we are all phone addicts sporting the latest and greatest in mobile technology and for some even sitting in a que overnight to get the latest and not to be left disappointed. This is how we are today and the world we live in but a new trend is growing and that is reverting back to the dumphone. We check our devices on average 150 times everyday and for me it is probably more,we are addicted to social media such as Facebook Twitter Instagram and Snapchat being the main contenders here,but this has become an issue for many and distracting us from what is really happening around us and conversing with our friends face to face..

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Today we spoke to RadioDowntown with Siobhan Mc Garry  on this very subject listen to it below..

Sit in a coffee shop,airport lounge or bus for example,what do we see?? Heads buried into our phones reading the news,replying to emails and social media and some browsing,this is where we are today and for some it has become too much…

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People are moving back to devices that have just basic calls and text and some with no camera and internet connectivity,this cuts out all the online experience and distracts you from what is going on there giving you more time to focus on what is happening around you with your family and friends and so on.. Having seen both sides of the coin there is a big difference with a dumphone you are limited,some do offer internet but again its not like what you would see on your average smartphone,also some have no apps at all.. A life with no email,web,social media could you do it,have you done or will you do it..Tell us below…’

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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