Every day more and more companies are joining the VR wagon, but some of the most promising ones like Oculus are too expensive, some others just go an choose the Google cardboard which is way cheaper.

But today we have just discovered that now Apple has its own VR headset, the View-Master Virtual Reality Starter pack (hope the name changes )

HJKB2Putting the name aside, this is and actual step into the right direction from the fruit company.

This headset was created following the same principles as he Google cardboard, using your iPhone’s screen, you’ll get two split images that when seen through the cristal on the device will simulated the 3D impression on your brain.

Unlike the former, this model is made of plastic, but with a strong resembles of those little toys we use to have when kids, the ones that came with a reel of different images. It even comes with a lever to control your phone.

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Well, actually is practically the same as this device works with the same kind of mechanism, the app to control everything on your phone is totally free on the store, but its just a sneak peak of the entire content, such as Space and NATGEO wildlife and destinations.

Something that we did see coming, was a way to charge more for something that should have come ready, in order to unlock the full VR experience, customers will have to buy a separate reel that will free the true power of the app.

And although the device is compatible with iPhone 5 and up running iOS 8.1 or later, there’s a warning saying iPhones 5 and 5c may have issues as the app is not totally optimized.

The View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack it in pre-order stage at $29.95

And you can have yours HERE

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