Want to get out of something with ease? Gotta Go is here to help. #Apps #GottaGo

Lets face it,we all get caught with things we rather not be involved in or something you may have walked into without realising.It happens to me quite often and at times would fail to come up with a genuine excuse but now there is help with a new practical app called “Gotta Go” Sadly for now it is just on iOS and hopefully we will see it soon on other platforms as this could become quite useful.The app was created by Chelsea Handler

Gotta Go is a way to generate excuses and set them as alarms. Its the perfect solution for bad dates, awkward convos with your in laws, boring meetings and whatever else you might want to hit the eject button on.

Creating an excuse is easy! Choose an emoji and craft a story by adding messages and calls. Add the special contact number to your address book and set the alarm. Your excuse will be delivered to you as actual text messages and phone calls from your newly created contact, all the proof you need to smoothly exit an awkward situation. Via ProductHunt



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