The internet giant known as Google, develop its business through the internet therefore they are the most interested on having more people using it.

There is where this new project comes in, meet Skybender


Something that you may not know is the fact that even in 2016 only 40% of world population have internet access, reason why, enterprises like Nokia (before and now) and Google are doing their best to improve this situation.

Recently “The Guardian” found out they are testing Solar powered drones to deliver internet access all over the world is a secret project codename “Skybender”.

Building their own prototype transceivers and drones Google experiment with millimetre-wave radio transmissions, this technology can THEORETICALLY transmit up to 40 times more data than current 4G/LTE networks.

This idea was born under the same roof as Project Loon which have the same principle but with self powered balloons, thing that has cause some inconvenience as they enter restricted air zones ending in a not so nice situation.

The improve idea has also newer carriers, in this case the responsible for delivering the data will be a drone and no a common one, Meet the Solara 50, a solar powered drone that’s almost as big as a plane, literally speaking.


This will granted better data transfer rates, as the technology use at the moment has a short range compare to normal cellular signals.

The testing is being held at New Mexico’s desert in Virgin Galactic’s Gateway and we expect to have more details about this new project as well updates about Project Loon in the coming months.

What do you think of this? Are you agree on having drones flying all over? Leave your thoughts on the comment section below.





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