Liberty Watch by Irish company Watchovers is a watch designed to keep track of your loved ones whereabouts,the watch is not a smartwatch in technical terms but is by how it works. The watch comes with Wi-Fi,Telephone and a speaker. The watch comes with a sim card built in allowing the parents/guardian to tell you exactly where the user is and also check the history and you can also call the user and vice versa…

We will unbox the package first and take you through the contents in the package.

Having set up the watch which will take a few minutes we can safely say that it works,notifications work when they are supposed to,only this morning I had two notifications to tell me the battery was low and it was time to charge it,seeing that this works as it claims to we had our child go outside some limits set and without fail the notifications came through,this is good to see for a new product,often the case there is products that do not do as they say on the tin and you can always expect teething errors,there is none to be found here so far.. Check out the image gallery below and if you have any questions please ask below or on Twitter and we will gladly answer….

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You can head over to to see on how to set up the watch and more which is not complicated at all and should take you no longer than 5 mins depending on how much information you want to enter yourself.

My Thoughts..

After a few weeks using this watch I found it an excellent piece,Slightly cumbersome though for my child would like to see a smaller version but having said that my child is a bit smaller than others her age and is very fragile if you will,the watch did look big on her and stood out,Given it does things not obvious to the untrained eye people did not notice the real functionality behind it which was good,family and friends asked what is this watch all about and I said nothing to them to see if they could figure it out which they didn’t until then I explained what it is an what capabilities it had,What impressed me was the notifications,they worked all the time every time,considered ive got a general good signal where it was in use this is expected,there can be situations where the would be possibly no coverage and this could be a concern albeit minuscule.

Battery life was also great compared to other offerings of a similar nature or your typical smart watch,this is not a smart watch though but people today are battery concious this is not going to be an issue here,you will be alerted when the battery needs charging and it does not take long to charge. GPS at times was a bit flaky but this can be expected on any device,factors to include would be network and the area you are in or building,nonetheless at on testing this twice the moment signal was back a notification was instantly delivered with correct coordinates,Setting up wifi zones/boundaries is a great feature and also worked a treat and  the ability to be able to track movement is also great.

For me this is a great product and the fact that its Irish even better again,for the price if you feel the need or are slightly worried about your child’s whereabouts its the ideal solution and cost effective,perhaps size might be an issue for some in its current form but its not a deal-breaker either.Having worked in the security industry before with high profile people this would certainly appeal to them and any parent in fact and you will have peace at mind at all times,the ability to add other people to the watch is a great enhancement too which allows that extra peace of mind.

I can certainly recommend this for any parent who feels the need to have that extra bit of security for their child should they be heading out or the child is on a sleepover in a friends for example,with a simple press of a button the child can contact you and vice versa and it could not be simpler,As for design and longevity this will last its very robust and easy to clean and it can certainly take plenty of knocks..

New pricing £99.99/€119.99


By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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