We have just received some nice kit in today which is the new consumer version of the Innovator GR VR which is available now for the Samsung S6 range and the Galaxy Note 5,we are using our Note 5 in the demo and the Note 5 is one of my main daily drivers now..

The packaging is minimal compared to last years offering with much missing and cheaper,this is to make the unit affordable to consumers which is excellent and compared to what is upcoming like Oculus which will cost a small fortune and you then need a super laptop behind you the price of the Gear VR is really a worthy investment,Going forward I might just mention by looking at the spamfest thoughts regarding the Galaxy S7  I would say it is possible it will work with it f you have been thinking of holding off,before we move onto more detail check out the Innovator package from last year..


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The set up is quite simple and takes a few minutes,once you insert the device you will be prompted to get the app and download the app from there,then sign in create account and you can add bank details for purchases,you dont need to add the bank details to use the free content and view the store and what is there..

Keys and Parts

The right sight houses the navi keys,back key and volume toggle whilst the left just has some branding,the keys will take a few minutes to adjust to and you will be fine after a few minutes usage. The top of the unit has a zoom toggle which allows you to set to your own needs or perhaps someone else who might be using it..


Inserting the device is simple and take 2 seconds I would take it easy as i feel if using it much you may eventually mark your device over time so just to keep this in mind,be easy when inserting and removing device…You can use the unit wit or without the cover plate on too but I would suggest you put it on for safety sake..


If you are new to VR this will be a huge treat,you really feel immersed in the content and there is some really nice options to check out in the store,content is not abundant like the play store but there is enough there and you can also view whatever is on your device with the gallery app so there is no shortage of things to do.

You probably will feel a bit funny and disorientated at first and probably best sit down until you ge the feel for it,Since we have had the last innovator package there is more on offer and it will be an experience you and the family can enjoy,First timers will love it who have not tried any VR machines and for the price of the unit this is well worth the money and will keep you and the family entertained..

Any questions get us on Twitter or pop a question below and we will talk to you soon again check out the unboxing below.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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