The world was excited ever since the leaked news of Nokia Lumia Limited Edition started to surface and every Nokia fanboy wanted the Gold Limited edition Lumia830 and Lumia930 to be theirs, and we were no exception to it and finally after a lot of sourcing we bring you the Unboxing and First impressions of the Nokia Lumia830 Limited Edition, Black Gold.


I was so excited when I received the parcel, I know it was going to be special. And read on to know what was there in the package and how is the Nokia Lumia830 Limited Edition different from the usual Nokia Lumia830.



Well to be honest I wasn’t really impressed with the package, it was the same slide-out type box exactly like the other Nokia Lumia packages with the photos on the face and the back of the box and name of the device on the side with the colour indicator and “Limited Edition” badging.


Cut open the tag and you cannot stop smiling. You are greeted with the Gold Edition Nokia Lumia830, I had the black gold combo and it looked just great. Apart from the device the package was meager and nothing else to excite about with the travel adapter, a couple of booklets, battery and  a USB data cable in the simplest manner possible.

Being a limited edition I expected the package to be more generous like a “Limited edition” case and ear phones would have been a welcome premium offering as the phone comes with MixRadio pre-installed.


What is special in “Limited Edition”?

Anything with a “Limited Edition” badging creates excitement and so did the Nokia Lumia830. The Limited Edition was restricted to the paint job on the device. The Limited Edition Nokia Lumia830 was available in Black- gold or White- gold colour schemes with Gold colour used for the Metal casing with the buttons, the Nokia badging on the back and the battery space below the back cover.

First Impressions:

I love the Black- gold colour scheme on this device. It gives the device a premium upmarket feel and with “Limited Edition” stamp its a rare device to own. Other than the paint job, the Limited Edition Nokia Lumia830 is identical to the normal Nokia Lumia830, its light, slim, has a 10 mp snapper on the back with PureView technology and an LED flash, the 3.5 mm jack and micro-USB port are also stationed at exactly the spot and all other specs remain the same.

I enjoy the feel of the Matte- black finish on the device with brushed metal in Gold, this device will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. Enjoy the gallery here.

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