Fitness tracking is popular everywhere and fitness trackers outdo smart-watches in popularity although they have now morphed into one with the latest smart-watches that are now available today,But fitness tracking for kids? Typically this area would be more towards older folk from late teens and upward,so is getting kids into this realm at young age a good idea,perhaps not but this means access to an app too and again kids with smartphones is another problem, there is many this age with mobiles but then the parents can also monitor from their own device. Nabi also have other tech on the market for kids such as tablets,headphones and jukeboxes..Given you can lockdown phones and tablets and assuming most parents are aware it can be done this could be a great idea..

Jim Mitchell, CEO of Fuhu, said, “As we enter the wearables market, we wanted to find a way that would really utilize technology to help parents encourage their kids to get active in a fun way, not in a way that would be perceived as being a task. To that end, in designing nabi Compete we looked closely at what keeps kids engaged with gaming, social interaction, friendly competition and performance rising to the top of our list. With the launch of nabi Compete, we believe we have developed a product and platform that will excite kids, get them active at an early age and fuel their interest and awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and personal fitness.”




nabi Compete comes packaged with two kid-friendly bands that can be linked by downloading the nabi Compete app to open a first-of-its-kind, fun-filled competitive gamified approach to activity tracking. nabi Compete keeps kids motivated to encourage activity at an early age by competing against friends or family members in achievable real-world inspired challenges and garnering appealing rewards for completing tasks. nabi Compete is now available at Target and Best Buy for a suggested retail price of $39.99 for the 2-band packs.

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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