Recently at InterBattery 2015 held in Seoul, Samsung SDI  Division showed off  their newest invention, a pair of flexible batteries for the devices of tomorrow.

Let’s Welcome Stripe and Band

samsung-flexible-battery-640x0As we know wearable devices are becoming more and more common these days, but the major problem those gadgets are facing is battery life, but thanks to this kind of innovation that situation is about to change.

The Stripe is as thin as 0.3mm and can be folded into almost anything, lets say a cup, a wrist, your neck or even a T-shirt.

Design with cutting edge technology this battery is aimed to increase the durability of future devices

The Band as the name implies is aimed to be an extra fuse within the smartwatches bands.

This extra charge will give you 50% more battery than usual and can be fold over 50 thousand times to adjust any wrist.


Although there are not ready to hit the market yet, the guys at Samsung SDI were able to demonstrate the products capabilities within some devices at the EXPO.

Is not the first time we have seen something like this from the guys at Samsung, after all, the “curve battery”  from 2 years ago found its way inside the Gear Fit. So is possible to see these little ones sooner than we think.

Samsung SDI Curved Battery

What do you think? Is worth adding extra batteries to something which already should have enough power?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below..



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