The LG Nexus 5 X is now available to buy in Ireland and also other selected regions, they have been available to pre-order prior today the price we will pay is about average compared to other countries where the device has also been made available,however the shipping status says it will ship before the 22nd October in Ireland,this is the same for all colours and Models be it 16GB/32GB.


LG in a Press release said..

Starting today, Nexus 5X, the latest collaborative smartphone from Google and LG Electronics (LG), will be available in key markets for purchase. In addition to its availability on Google Store (, major carriers and retailers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, India, Korea and Japan will make the device available to the general public. Additional markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America will roll out the Nexus 5X in the weeks to come.

However if you are waiting for the 6P you will now be subject to a waiting list according to the Irish Play store..The 6P is the nicer of the two and will cost you some more so the choice is your from here on in on which model you prefer.for me the 6P would be my choice,not taking back the 5X has good specs either.


Will you be picking up one of these or have either ordered,tell us below,you can checkout the store HERE


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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