One usual complaint from people who own more than one mobile device is that normally they need to carry two cell phone numbers.

Something that all of us dream in the ability to have the same number across multiple device’s , why? Well, maybe we use a Samsung for work because of the OS but we prefer to shoot photos with our Lumia phones for example.

Now that could actually be possible thanks to the folks at AT&T and their new feature NumberSync a new service that aims to share ONE Phone Number and Data Plan across all your mobile devices.

aohcnpdmggxrocnkk6agUsing their wireless network alongside the pre-existing methods for sharing data plans across devices, AT&T will enable you “basic phone” functions to all your other accessories like tablets or 2-in-1‘s

And it doesn’t need to be connected through Bluetooth or anything you don’t even need to carry your phone, (it doesn’t even have to be turned on!!)

This feature is not manufacturer nor OS restricted they only need to “enable” this ability on the devices in order to work.

connected-devices1Something that happens a lot is forgetting our phones everywhere, now imagine you’re running out of home with your bag and in the middle of the road realize you left your phone out and you need to do and important call, this feature will let you use your tablet (assuming you have one on your bag) to make the call and even send and received messages. Cool isn’t it?

In case you’re wondering about prices, NumberSync will be completely free (the feature, you’ll need to pay you mobile plan).

According to AT&T the first compatible device will be available “Soon” with more coming over the holidays season. They plan to make this feature “the norm” to future connected devices.

What do you think of this? Do you like the idea of using your same phone number on all your gadgets?

Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: AT&T


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