Mobile Ireland is Ireland’s premium smartphone and tablet accessory supplier. Their products look to provide you with high quality gadgets that allow you to get more out of your technology and they have kindly sent us the UAG case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 to check out and share our thoughts.

Mobile Ireland wants to be at the forefront of where technology and the outdoors meet. Get more benefit and power from your smartphone or tablet. We have you covered whether you are hiking Ireland, travelling abroad on a holiday or are looking to add an accessory to your collection.
Here is what we think of the UAG case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 
Most people have a thing for presentation no matter what the product is and personally for me it is not vital but it helps,as it stands case can come in a nice box or perhaps just thrown into a cheap plastic bag with a sticker on it,this is not the case here as its presented in a decent box with plenty of information about the product..

What is inside the box..

Not much and what would you expect,we get the case,A screen protector and and some instructions on how to fit the screen protector would need steady hands and the case simply clips on to your device in a matter of seconds so overall its a simple process to get your device protected with the contents..


What is it like on the device.

Does not add much bulk to be fair and feels good in hand and the design is quite nice too,we shall go around the case now and see how it fairs out in access to ports and how well your device will be protected..

On the top we are covered,with the screen protector that comes with it its a good addition to have rather than seeking one in a separate purchase,its a mixed bag these days as to how your case arrives and what else you get with it,some offer a stylus,cloth,screen protector or all in.There is a nice lip going around the top so the screen is below surface and device can be placed flat on table without fear of getting scratched,the rear of the case have several raised rubberised notches protecting its own if you will and colour dependent this might be ideal for you,there is nicely designed corners to giving extra protection for drops and typically its a corner that hits the ground first so you are covered here.

The left and right side are similar in design and looks but keeping those areas protected to the max with all keys covered with good travel on the keys themselves,there was no sign of loosing functionality and the keys worked fine,on some case that are similar you would often find them stiff,this was not a problem here and there is raised ridges both sides to give grip and extra support..

Ports and connectivity points are well covered with obstruction or nagging with cables being inserted or removed,this is important some cases can leave users with little space to move and some dislike that experience,there is no flaps on this case again this is a matter of preference,for me I like this as fumbling with flaps is annoying yet it gives more protection but then again with constant moving these flaps would tend to eventually fall off,there was no interference at all with headphones and Micro USB cable and the infra red beam also left unaffected,nor did I experience any loss of sound or clarity with mic holes etc..

Although the case has a small lip its does not get in the way of the home button and sensors on top of the front facing side of the devices and the screen protector does meet up with case so all in all the front is covered,you might have a tempered glass protector on device already but this again has no effect with the case aligning itself on the device.

Overall these UAG cases are good and have a good feel to them and very robust and look well to boot,for the money these are worth it,some people prefer gel cases or cases in this form again that’s a matter of ones preference,personally I like the gel case but would have no issue using one of these either as they do not bulk out your device like some cases can,so I would recommend one of these anytime to anyone..


Check out the UAG case over at Mobile Ireland  right here and check out the full range of goodies they have to offer,thanks again to John for getting in touch and sending us out this case to check out and share our thoughts.
Stay tuned for a chance to win a new case for your iPhone 6 on Monday thanks to Mobile Ireland.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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