Something that we tend to forget is the fact we mostly live at really contaminated orb, the pollution created by industries and cars could make us sick really easy, the same or more with our children.

But that’s about to change thanks to Plume Air Report a weather app that tells you if is safe going for a walk down the park with the kids.


Plume Labs, the master mind behind this has developed an app that cares about your health without being to complicated.

The app uses the already existing pollution monitoring stations to give you real time information about the air condition, taking in consideration the following menace:

Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)

Ozone (O3)  

Particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10)

The app offers forecasting for the next 24h and works in 150 going from ABERDEEN to ZURICH through to whole alphabet.

Within some of those countries you’ll also have a pollution alert for the next 24hrs

You can even use your Apple Watch to receive live notifications

The App is free to download on Android and IOS

Take a better look here

Do you think is worth the try to keep safe your lungs? Let us know in the comments section if you’re going to give it a try

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