Version 41 has arrived and brings some new and interesting stuff within.

This new update has been released to Windows, Mac, Linux and Android OS last week and although they all share the same basic code there’s one thing you can now do on one of them…

Meet the Mozilla Messenger feature

Firefox-41This new extra, works in combination with the Firefox Hello (integrated VoIP client)

The Hello VoIP allows you to made video call to interact with someone else, but now you can also use the messenger feature, which come in handy when you’re in a crowded place and can’t really talk.

At the moment this feature just works with the desktop version, let’s see if it makes its way to the rest

To use this feature everything you’ll need is the latest version of Firefox and then go to the little smiling face on the top right corner, that’s all.Hello_demo_imageApart from this, the update also enhance the accounts feature, letting you now use a profile picture, so you’ll see to who are you talking to even if there’s no video.

Also, you’ll have a better Sync cross devices so you can have all your passwords, bookmarks, history automatically updated on all of them.

The Android update is not so fancy, just bringing some bugs an minor improvement such as the ability to choose whether to use Google or Bing as browsers.

To see the complete release go HERE

What are your thoughts on this new trend of adding messenger like feature to apps? Do you think we need more way to communicate each other? Or should we improve the ones we have?

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