Hey folks, we have something special for the foodie lovers in Dublin. We were approached by a dynamic guy, who was bubbling with new concept and ideas to help people find where and who offers, what they are looking for… Curious?? Well we were too to know what exactly Youssef Sarhan, Designer and Co-Founder Mizu had in his mind.

Read on to know what’s here for people who love to eat out from Mizu.

What is Mizu?
We all have a very different taste and diets. Some of us love chicken, some of us think it’s boring. Some of us love pasta, some of avoid it while others prefer to stay vegetarian. So, here is where this new idea of Mizu came up.

Well, Mizu is a new mobile app for iPhone which understands your taste and diet.


When you download Mizu, you tell the app what you do and don’t like to eat – this helps Mizu understand your taste and diet and match you with great nearby food. “Think of it as a dating app for food, the perfect relationship” says Youssef.


Once you’ve told Mizu what you do and don’t like to eat, Mizu shows you a list of great nearby restaurants – complete with opening hours and directions. Isn’t that great? Mizu is being your Personal Assistant to your taste buds.


When you browse a restaurants menu on Mizu, dishes are presented in an order which matches your taste and diet. So, this makes finding the perfect dish super fast. Say for example, if you like chicken, chicken dishes are filtered to the top, and if you don’t like pork, pork dishes are pushed to the bottom. This is great for customers and businesses. Everyone wins! You know what and where you want to eat and businesses know what to offer to you.


Mizu comes with a learning algorithm, which gets better the more you use to make it offer you the best options. Mizu also integrates your social networking sites where you can share the dish or it even allows you to rate or comment on a particular restaurant, so your friends and family know what you liked our didn’t like at the particular restaurant.

Mizu is a totally unique concept, nobody is doing anything like this in the food-tech space yet.

Mizu is a start up based in Dublin, Ireland and they are looking for expansion and proposals. This wonderful app is exclusively available to iOS at the moment, which can be downloaded here. We wish the team a very good luck for the future.

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Stay tuned for more tech buzz.


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