Taking care of our pets is something really important to some of us, some use cameras to “watch them” all the time.

Others want to go a little further, and there’s where this new Health Monitor comes in.

Meet the PetPace Collar

fb_header6The PetPace is not your usual accessory, is practically like having a personal Vet 24/7 right next to your pet. This new wearable works for both dogs and cats of any size.

What this collar does is track your pet’s vital statistics with sensors that tells you:

Body Temperature.


Respiratory Rate.

Activity Level.

Calories Burned.

and Body Position.

PetPace_2015-02-18_540By gathering the data collected the PetPace create a “RANGE OF PHYSIOLOGICAL AND BEHAVIORAL PARAMETERS”

Once this is done, you will see clearly when your pet’s not feeling good before too late.

You will have access to all the data in real time through the IOS and Android App which will let you know if something’s happening via text messages, email or push notifications directly on your phone or tablet screen.

These are the official specs:

Single push-button interface

LED indications

IP-67 water & dust resistance

Shockproof and ruggedized for outdoor use

Dimensions: 40x35x15mm

Weight: 43gr

Battery: LiPo 250mAh, for over 6 weeks between recharges

Adjustable strap available in 3 sizes: S,M,L

Fits pets over 8 lbs

As a plus you can also give your Vet access to the data through a proprietary website

Your veterinarian can access your entire pet’s data, health related alerts and medical history and help you keep your pet healthy.

The PetPace collar is priced at US $150 plus a $15 monthly service fee. (Shipping $10)

What do you think? Are you going to get one? Let us know in the comments or tweet us using #techbuzzireland

Source: PetPace


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